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Whenever people come out to see me play they see me with this amp, these pedals and that speaker cabinet. The next time they see me it’s another amp, other pedals, different speaker cabinet and so on and so on through the years.

The one thing that has not changed is my choice of guitar. My three main guitars are a Lentz Strat (ash), Lentz Strat with humbucker (alder) and a Lentz Croyden. If there is a better guitar out there, I haven’t seen it!

Scott – Thanks for saving me from countless hours of searching!


— Brian Price

As a player, there is nothing better than having an instrument crafted that feels so comfortable in my hands that it is effortless to play.

Lentz Guitar® delivers with fantastic tone, fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and spectacular finishes – they truly inspire me to play my best on both the biggest stages and in the smallest clubs!


— JD Optekar (Tweed Funk)

Sometimes I think I have a brain tapeworm. That would explain why I don’t remember things…things like how to do math, where I parked my car, or how to do math. But the memories I wouldn’t really miss are of all the other S- and T-style guitars I used to play. Both of my Lentzes are exactly what I always wanted from those designs…the weight, the tone, the feel, and good lord that neck. I imagine that an older Leo, having closed down the mass-production line, and having taken up falconry for some reason, passed on his brain tapeworm–filled with decades of knowledge–to the elder Scott Lentz, that he might take up what was left of the work, and be able to put into my hands and yours an unmatched INSPIRATION MACHINE. I play better with my Lentzes. I sound better with my Lentzes. I was gonna say something else but I forgot for some reason.


— Mark Cuthbertson (Fantasticboom)




My Lentz Guitar® Artist Reserve S-Style gives me the right amount of versatility and awesome playability I need while out on tour with Bon Jovi.

Play one for yourself to see just how amazing it is!


— Phil X

Scott – When you said on the phone that this particular build was one-in-a-thousand of the guitars that come from your workshop – you were not kidding. The guitar is a work of art! It is one of the most beautiful paint jobs I have ever seen on any instrument! I say this without hesitation and owning some of the best instruments in the world – modern, collectible & vintage.

The resonance and liveliness of the Ash body unplugged is palpable and not comparable to other high-end instruments to this degree. The neck is a masterpiece with a beauty that creates a perception of depth with an elegant simplicity in the detail. The clay type markers have a crispness around the edges. The fret work is superb with an impression that it was integral to the rosewood.

The balance of the sounds produced by the crispness and definition of the pickups when integrated with the neck and the body is so unique that the resulting sounds have a bell-like clarity that is exciting.

The custom hand-wound pickups with the vintage output – Front Alnico-5, 5.61k – Middle Alnico-5, 5.65k – Bridge Alnico-2, 10.00k; 43-gauge wire is so dynamic that it affects my mood and playing to such a degree that it is similar to when I get off my motorcycle and need to just take it all in and settle down. The bridge pickup is quite similar in grit and harmonics to my nocaster and allows an expression of emotions thru the input on the fretboard.

Congratulations on a great build!


— Bob

When I moved to San Diego in 1984, one of the first things I knew I needed to do was find a good guitar builder and tech. The word on the street back then was that Scott Lentz was the best in Southern California, so I made a beeline to his shop.

Scott Lentz has been my go-to guitar guy ever since. Over the years, Scott and his son Scott Jr. have built two remarkable guitars for me, plus worked on all my vintage gear. Their work is impeccable, and they really care about their customers.

Whether you’re a working pro, a studio musician, or a serious player, you owe it to yourself — and to your music — to put Lentz Guitar® at the very top of your list.

Congratulations on a great build!


— Peter Economy – Writer | Editor | Publisher

I grew up in Southern California hearing about the legendary luthier, Scott Lentz, and I always wanted one his guitars. I finally got my chance when I landed a 6-year gig in the Navy band playing everything from funk to country to jazz to metal.

I’ve been using Lentz guitars to make a living on the road and in the studio since 2001. The tone, craftsmanship, playability, and customer service, leave the competition in the dust.

The thoughtful design of these instruments makes them far more versatile than similar models by other builders; I would need 4 guitars to cover what I can do with the 2 Lentz guitars I use on virtually every engagement. My only regret specific to these guitars is how many years it took me to buy back the one I foolishly sold when I thought I could replace it with something else. That buyer held me off for 3 years before finally caving in.


— Randy Morser

Scott – the guitar arrived safe and sound on Friday – thank you for the prompt shipment.

I’m sending an email so I make sure I capture all my thoughts. You guys nailed it on every front. Aesthetically, the guitar is stunning. The burst is done just right. The darkness of the Brazilian rosewood is just plain sexy. When I picked the guitar up from the case and strummed my first chord, I knew I was in for a treat. It just rings like a grand piano! I can feel the notes through the neck and body. And I’m very glad you talked me into the full depth of the neck; it just fills my hand so comfortably when grabbing chords. And, man, oh man, the pickups. I love how I can hear the nuances of each pickup and each position so distinctly. This is how a strat should sound!

Thank you guys for the awesome guitar and the superb service. You have just put my ideal strat into my hands.


— Victor

I always said – going to visit Scott’s shop was like a trip to Santa’s Workshop.

When it came time to add a guitar to my home studio, I gifted myself with a Lentz.

For players, the extraordinary tone and feel of the guitar made it the perfect complement to great vintage names like Marshall, Vox, and Ludwig… the listeners… well, you know when a musician is happy… the audience is usually blown away!

A great time was had by all.


— RD

Hi Scott and Scott! I wanted to write and thank you for my remarkable JR Reserve S style guitar. I’ve had my guitar now for a couple of months, and every time I take it out of the case to play, I am astonished at just how incredible it is. Having been a guitarist for more than 30 years, I can say that my guitar is the best S style I have ever played. Actually, I forget how good it is in the course of the day when I am not playing — eating lunch, going for a bicycle ride, whatever — and, when I come back to playing, I am in disbelief every single time!

The tone is SO full and rich, with incredible articulation and presence that captures every nuance of my playing, from the most delicate single note line to the most grand distorted power chord. It is such a wonderful thing to have an instrument capable of responding to my entire playing range, that fully transmits all my gestures to my amplifier. It is an S style electric guitar with the responsiveness of a world-class classical guitar.

I’ve built classical guitars and was a furniture maker so I have a pretty good understanding of wood, but, honestly, I don’t know how you do it. Most guitars are more than the sum of their parts, but this guitar is so much more that it defies my understanding of what an electric guitar is. It is a truly a magical instrument, and perhaps its best to say that my JR Reserve defines what a guitar can be at its absolute best.

As a musician, I am deeply thankful to you guys for your passion and mastery, and I also know that every time I play, there is a piece of you in my music.


— M

I got a Lentz S Style built for me back in 2012 by Scott Jr. and I can honestly say, it’s the best guitar I’ve ever owned. This guitar literally pours out tone, rings like a bell, and sounds absolutely incredible in ALL 5 pickup positions. In terms of the feel, it’s light, perfectly balanced, and feels absolutely sublime in the hand. The fit is awesome and finish is lush!

Thanks to Scott, I’ve finally found the guitar I’ve always wanted! Don’t take my word for it though, try one, and you’ll see. ;-)”


— Lee, Make Learning Fun 

I’ve been playing Lentz guitars since 2010. These guitars offer a pallet of tones that help me speak in my musical tongue. It’s important that an instrument doesn’t fight you, but rather helps you, and my Lentz guitars guide me on my musical journeys.

My Lentz Guitar® is simply the most stunning guitar I’ve ever owned or played. Hands down, it hangs or kills any of the old ones… simple amazing! And, the bridge pickup is so damn good that its tough to remember to use the other positions!

If you want a guitar that you will love like a child, get a Lentz.


— Pete Aleski, “The Curtis Mayflower”
and “The Music Levels Collective”  

Mr. Scott Lentz built a maple-cap Strat-style guitar for me, and it is absolutely amazing. Every time I play the guitar, it occurs to me that it could not be improved in any way. It is truly that perfect. I cannot imagine a better Strat, and I am seriously convinced that it must be the best one on the planet.

Scott is a genius at what he does, which is selecting great pieces of wood and turning them into beautifully coherent musical instruments. His experience with guitars and knowledge of wood is profound. He does not simply cut out bodies and necks in the shape of a guitar and slap them together; he knows how the direction and pattern of the wood grain will affect the sound of the finished guitar, and determines where to make his cuts based on this. He also builds his own pickups, from scratch, and tailors them to the specific acoustic nature of your particular guitar. As a result, when you play a Lentz Guitar®, it sings with the most pure and organic voice. Scott is a true master luthier. His perfectly shaped guitar necks melt into your hand in a way that could never be achieved with a machine.

In addition to his woodworking skills, Scott is also the last word in world-class lacquer finishes. I cannot recommend Lentz Guitar® highly enough. Scott creates magically sublime electric guitars representing the state-of-the-art in handmade musical instruments.


— Ted 

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