For more than 40 years — first as Deluxe Guitar Refinishing, then as Lentz Electric Guitars, and finally as simply Lentz Guitar® — we have remained true to a singular passion: creating the very best possible electric guitars. Whether repairing or refinishing vintage guitars, or building our own uncompromising instruments, our obsession with electric guitars has given us deep insight into what makes a truly great guitar.

Every single thing on our guitars is carefully considered, and refined to a kind of perfection that is specific to each instrument. We never tire of learning something new, and each of

our guitars is made slowly, allowing time for the materials to adjust to the building process, and allowing time for the builder to understand how to work the materials to perfection. And all of our guitars are built completely by hand starting with the raw materials.


“We are committed to providing our clients and business partners superior value in our products, service, and our people by empowering our team to be ethical, innovative, and uncompromising, and so, by progressively working together to improve our company, our community, and ourselves.”

When you own a Lentz Guitar®, know that our very soul was given freely in the process of making the instrument; that the marriage of our love for guitars and our passion for perfection rings out in every note you play. When you play a Lentz Guitar®, more than simply a tool, you have a companion for your musical journey.

Passionate, uncompromising, committed. We have chosen to do only one thing: electric guitars. But this focus has allowed us to both take the construction of electric guitars to the highest level of what is possible, and to continually push that line. We settle for nothing short of exceptional in all of our instruments, and our ultimate goal is to make instruments that inspire you, the discerning musician, to make great music.

LENTZ GUITAR®, 968 RANCHEROS DR., SAN MARCOS, CA 92069 • 442.515.3442

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