Lentz Guitar® has a deep appreciation for the most iconic historical guitars. We bring more than 60 combined years of passion and guitar-making excellence to every guitar we make, from our Traditional and JR Reserve guitars, to our own designs.


We make several models, including the Traditional Series , the Legendary Venues Series (LVS), and Reserve guitars which mirror the aesthetics of historical guitars, but achieve unsurpassed tonal qualities. We have also designed four models that, while inspired by traditional instruments, are uniquely original designs. All four original models—SSL , HSL , DL-90 , and Croyden —share the same basic body shape, with refined and pure lines that make them timeless. All four models are extremely well balanced and incredibly comfortable to play. Yet, each has its own sonic footprint, its own tonal pallet.

LENTZ GUITAR®, 968 RANCHEROS DR., SAN MARCOS, CA 92069 • 442.515.3442

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